Nike Zoom Live 2017

In 2017, with the continuous creation of Nike works, the new midrange market focused guard shoe, nike zoom live, was launched 2017 has caused a lot of market heat. The shape of the shoe is very simple. The slanted swoosh and asymmetric laces make the shoes look full of speed. The lightweight engineering mesh upper creates a sense of knitting, which effectively takes into account the lightweight package and air permeability. The unique shape of the Velcro strap brings better foot locking, and the injected PHY is used in the insole Lon foam is hard to the foot, but it has a very fast start-up response. The wide outer sole and the anti-skid lines extending to both sides of the middle sole provide powerful guarantee for the change of direction when breaking through. Its outstanding performance has attracted many stars such as Hayward, Millsap, Russell and so on.

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